Emma Brownjohn

Looking West // Emma Brownjohn
Looking West // Emma Brownjohn

Brighton-based artist Emma Brownjohn, born 1969, received a first class degree from Camberwell College of Arts. She’s shown her paintings worldwide, exhibiing in Singapore, New York and at The Biscuit Factory, Store Street, Lacy Road, Wills Art Warehouse, The Wey, The Stark and Cambridge Contemporary Art galleries in the UK. Her work has also featured in a Blackberry advert and is now a range of art cards called ‘Indian Summer’.

‘Often there are no defining features in my work. I’d like my paintings to appear as universal as possible. so that you can feel my world but be transported to any city, sea, forest or field, entering your own realm of colour, memory, reality or dream. Inspiration stems from many different sources- It could be some red berries on a white winter’s day, orange leaves falling in autumn, a piece of material, words in a poem or song, or a flourescent jacket glimpsed amid the grey of the city.

I hope I show how vast and diverse our planet is by painting the changing seasons with all the colours and shapes they bring – busy cities brimming with people and architectural variety, or beaches dotted with the colours of summer, or the patterns and compositions described by the trees and fields in the countryside.

Recently I ‘ve  been painting outside, so some of my latest work is more naturalistic and has a less symbolic approach. But it’s always how colours interact and play against one another that fascinates me most. It’s what I want to describe and celebrate. And I hope my paintings capture a moment in time, that they glow and give pleasure. And that they’re visually harmonious but with vivid sparks of colour that leap out of the canvas to surprise you.

Find out more about Emma here.


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